Energy Saving at Home II – Next Phase

Evolution of Energy Savings at Home II funding program

The “Energy Savings at Home II”  funding program runs the next phase of the application process, triggering the possibility of applying for funding from a bank. In applications submitted to the online platform, the option to receive or not a loan is activated.

Where the person concerned chooses:

a loan will follow (within 30 days) a credit check from the bank concerned to (within 75 days) approve the loan.

not receiving a loan, the application will be promoted for final membership.

To avoid a load in the information system, the division of the territory into three groups will be followed again and the partial activation of this option as described in the table below.

It is clarified that:

(a) The 30-day period for banks to carry out a credit check shall be counted from the time that the customer chooses to obtain a loan in the information system and encloses all the required supporting documents.

(b) The amount for the grant will remain blocked for up to 75 days from the date on which the loan application for the relevant Region is initiated (according to the above table). Within that time, the loan or the person concerned must be approved to “put” the application in a “conditional” state without a loan.

(c) For applications in a ‘special case', the 75-day period shall be counted from the date on which the beneficiary was informed of the completion of the relevant type-approval checks.

East Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Western Greece21/05/2018 – Time: 12:00
Western Macedonia, Ionian, Sterea Ellada, Peloponnese, North Aegean, Crete29/05/2018 – Time: 12:00
Attica, South AegeanAttica, South Aegean

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