District Heating of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis

The district heating of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis using geothermal energy is expected to be auctioned with an international electronic competition in the coming days. The planned project foresees the construction of ~ 18 km of rural and urban district heating network. The system will be used for greenhouses as well as the possibility of heating ~ 20 buildings in the neighboring area.

The required thermal input of ~ 9.8 MWth is predicted to be obtained from the use of an existing low enthalpy geothermal field. This field is located in the wider area of Antia – Aristos and Traianoupoli. The project envisages the construction of two geothermal drillings at a depth of 550 meters each.

The object also includes the construction of a thermal heating substation of ~ 220 m². The thermal substation will be installed in the municipal section of Aristos, Municipality of Alexandroupolis. It is expected to serve networked consumers within the geographical area of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, for indoor heating or hot water production.

The project has already got the planned permit for the distribution of thermal energy in accordance with the existing provisions.

The total budget of the project is € 6.6 million. The expected selling price of thermal energy is set at 35 € / MWh plus legal taxes.

It is estimated to remain stable throughout the validity of the distribution license. For any change in the sale price, it is necessary to amend the distribution license in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Regulation.

District Heating of Serres

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