District Heating system of Aminteo

Historical review

The Municipal District Heating Company of Aminteo (DETEPA) was established in 1997 (Government Gazette 490B / 16-6-97). The object of the company according to the founding statute is the installation and operation of a district heating system in Amynteo, Filotas and Levaia with the co-generation of heat from the Amyntaio – Filotas PPC power plant.

District Heating system of Aminteo

District Heating system of Aminteo

The aim of the company was and still is the utilization of the disused thermal energy of the Amyntaio PPC power plant in order to cover the heating needs of the residents within the limits of the Municipality of Amyntaio in an economically and environmentally friendly way.

The district heating system of Amineto started its operation in 2005. It is the main activity of the Public Enhanced District Heating Firm of Amyntaion (DETEPA), which was established in 1997. The provision of thermal energy in the installation is ensured by the lignite power station of PPC Anineto plant  by using cogeneration technology.

The district heating of the Amynteon area is a project that was constructed (phase A) in the period 2000-2004. It was commissioned in 2005 and expanded between 2008-2009 (2nd phase) and 2014-2015 (3rd phase), supplying the buildings of the villages of Amyndeou, Levaia and Filota with thermal energy.

Installation indicators

Technical installation details

The district heating of the Amynteion area is a project that was built (phase A) in the period 2000-2004, has been operating since 2005, and was extended during the period 2008-2009 (2nd phase) & 2014-2015 (phase C), supplying with thermal the buildings of the settlements of Amynteon, Levaia and Filotas.

Thermal capacity of the system

The thermal energy of the system is taken by the PPC lignite-fired power plant of Amyntaio through a two-stage vapor elimination of the steam turbines. The district heating system is connected to both SES units with a 100% reserve potential.

Today one single turbine with a rated thermal input of 25 MWth has been connected to the DH system. When the second steam turbine will also be connected to the system, the rated power of the system can be up to 40 MWth. The first phase of construction of the project provided, for the saving of resources, the installation of the necessary equipment for the operation of district heating in thermal loads up to 25MWth – as well as the initial capacity of the AES, with the installation of approximately 1,350 consumer benefits.

Investment plan

The core of the investment program for the DH system of Amyntaio is the installation of a new biomass combustion plant to serve Amyndeon's existing district heating system as well as its future extensions.

The thermal energy production unit, the implementation of which has been launched, is a combustion of biomass with a small amount of lignite. It has a total capacity of 30 MW and will cover the thermal needs of the existing district heating network in the villages of Amyntaion, Filotas, and Levaia as well as future thermal needs.

It includes two (2) biomass boilers with a thermal capacity of 15 MW each. Space is also available for the extension of the plant with a third boiler. The boilers will also be able to combine biomass with a small amount of lignite if required. Boilers are planned to be housed in an appropriate building.

At the same time, the project includes the creation of an infrastructure for the installation of the fuel feeders to the boilers, auxiliary facilities, as well as covered biomass storage areas. The biomass boiler control system and interconnector will be connected to the existing SCADA system of the DETEPA district heating station.

The contract for the implementation of the project was signed on 2/10/2018 with the contractor HELECTOR SA. The project envisages the construction of two thermal power plants with biomass of a total installed capacity of 30 MWth. The project cost is projected to amount to € 14.57 million including VAT and is co-funded by the NSRF 2014-2020.

The Special Development Program of the Region of West Macedonia is also contributing to the financing of the project with a capital grant of € 1.5 million. The project fully complies with the provisions of Directive 2012/27 / EU on Energy Efficiency (L.4422 / 2015) as an efficient district heating system, since it uses more than 50% renewable energy source (RES). The timetable for implementation is 16 months.

The operation of the project ensures the viability of the district heating installation in the wider area of Amyndeon.

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